Thursday, January 8, 2015

Picture on package of Soap Petals...Just a few ideas

 Just a sample to give you an idea of 1 of the things I will be giving away in our giveaway this week end. I will be making a set of bath items and the ones you see here are some I made for an Oregan Ducks fan living in state of Oregon. This little plastic zip lock bags holds 4 soap petals that I have dipped in soap and all my customers love them to carry in their purse or pocket to use when they need some nice smelling soap to wash their hands (I do not like the smell of the soap they have in public bathrooms and not knowing what the ingredients are for someone that has sensative skin) All my bath products are pure and have no Lye and great for sensative skin. Be sure and come back this week end and enter our give away for some great items..easy to enter and I hope you win :)