Lynn's Page, Quilts, Market Bags and More!

Hello! I'm Lynn and I love to quilt. I make quilts, wall hangers, tote bags, pot holders, burp cloths, coasters, etc. This year, I hope to make more tote bags, especially from denim. Here is a photo of different totes I made a few months ago; all but one is sold, but I can make more. The Market Bag, with one pocket, is $12.50; the Tote Bag, with 3 pockets, is $15; and the purse, with lots of pockets, is $25.

Potato Cozies
Great for the Microwave
Wonderful baked potatoes in minutes!

These are handmade, quilted baked potato cozies. The outside is 100% cotton, inside is flannel & batting. The price is $6.50 each, plus shipping.

Crazy Quilt Blocks

I love to work on crazy quilts, so decided to make crazy quilt blocks to sell. They sell for $5.00 each plus shipping. I make them scrappy and can use whatever colors you want.  Each measures 9 inches by 9 inches and can be used for many things. Great for covering a mason jar.  They're ready to embellish and add to a quilt.  I can make as many as you need. Thanks for looking!